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Action: Aversion to cold, bleeding, borborygmus, bloating, catches cold easily, chronic low grade fever, clouded vision, cold extremities, constipation, deafness, depression, desire for warm beverages, diarrhea or dysentery, may be chronic, dizziness, drooping upper eyelids, dry itching nose, dry lungs, dyspnea, dysuria, edema with prolapse, enuresis, epilepsy, eye fatigue after extended use, eye sores, fatigue, fecal incontinence, fever without cold which alternates between low and high, fever with vexation, frequent bowel movements, frequent urination, fever or heat in the flesh in cool or cold weather, genital sores, goiter, headache, hemafecia, hematemesis, hematuria, hemorrhoids, hiccup, hoarseness, incessant thirst, intermittent dull abdominal pain, better with warmth and pressure, intermittent fever (worse on exertion), laconic speech, leukorrhea, limbs may become emaciated, lingering, dull tooth pain, loose and watery stools or diarrhea, loss of voice, maybe chronic weak cough, maybe cloudy urine, maybe cold body, maybe cough, maybe low back pain due to dampness, maybe scabs on the nasal mucosa, menstrual flooding or spotting, narrow visual field, nasal congestion, nausea and vomiting, night blindness, night sweatsm, obstinate sores on the tongue with the opening of the sore falling downward, obstructed urination, oral sores, painful urination, pale complexion, premature ejaculation, prolapse of any organ, prolonged runny nose may be malodorous, protracted, soft, tender, numb tongue, runny nose with clear, watery discharge may be precipitated by cold or allergen, sagging and distention of the lower abdomen, sallow complexion, seizures, sensitivity of back to cold and wind, shiny, pale complexion, shortness of breath, slight thirst with desire for warm drinks, soft voice, somnolence, spontaneous perspiration, suppuration, susceptibility to wind and cold, tendency to curl up, terminal dribbling, thirst with a desire for warm drinks, tidal fever which is worse on exertion, tinnitus, urinary obstruction, urinary incontinence, vaginal itching, vertigo, visual disturbances, warmness of the body, waxy, pale complexion.

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